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Residential Solutions

Home automation is now a standard part of contemporary home design that greatly increases the value and efficiency of a home.  With integrated home automation, HVAC, lighting, surveillance, home theater, and video/audio systems are able to work at peak efficiency, resulting in dramatically improved quality of life standards in a home.  Importantly, our integrated system solutions allow you to modify your system as your lifestyle demands, so you're never locked in to one set of static parameters.

Audio/Video Systems

Whether you want a dedicated home cinema, media room, or are incorporating a theater in your great room, family room, or den, our professional home theater design and installation team will create a custom home theater room design based on your lifestyle. 


With multiple computers and laptops residing in most households, the power to network computer systems together so everyone in the family can work on the Internet simultaneously is a necessity.

Lighting and Shade Control

We need energy – and lots of it – to light our homes, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. Lighting, in fact, consists of nearly 25% of the United States electricity budget, which is approximately $37 billion annually.  Because it consumes such a large portion of the country’s energy, lighting has emerged as a priority for energy efficiency efforts. Such efforts can reduce carbon emissions and save our environment.

Climate Control

If you're concerned about how much energy you use - or waste - on heating and cooling, Digital Surroundings can help make your entire home more energy efficient and comfortable. 

Remote Monitoring

Digital Surroundings’ internet-based remote monitoring service keeps a vigilant eye on your investment 24 hours day, 7 days a week.  We have the ability to monitor component warnings or equipment issues to ensure optimal, reliable performance at all times.  Digital Surroundings can ensure your system continually operates at peak performance

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