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Lutron 1 conference room


Energy costs are a large and growing sector of business expenditures, and the push towards energy efficiency can benefit both business and the environment when reduced energy consumption results in lower power bills.  Intelligent climate control can help a system maintain a stable temperature without constantly running the furnace or air conditioner.  Integrated HVAC solutions create a perfectly comfortable environment all year round, reducing fuel bills and CO2 emissions.  Climate management solutions put building managers in complete control of the indoor climate, offering user-friendly controls for individual zones and wider scale energy management and monitoring tools for multiple buildings

Complementing HVAC systems, automated window shades can block and reflect direct sunlight during the day to reduce the demand on air conditioning systems during the summer.  In colder months, lowered shades can provide an insulating barrier to keep the building warmer.  By automatically adjusting electric light levels in response to daylight, electric lighting needs can also be reduced.

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