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Digital Signage is an effective and engaging communications medium for marketing, entertainment, security and education.  Whether aiming to productively market to potential clients or successfully distribute critical information,

 Digital Surroundings works with you to plan, design and seamless integrate dynamic digital signage capabilities.  Importantly, Digital Surroundings designs easy-to-use and easy-to-update systems so that employees spend less time on managing technology and more time producing revenues for their company.

·    Advertisements and Billboards
·    Point-of-Sale Displays
·    Information Centers
·    Interactive Learning Facilities or Kiosks
·    Lobbies
·    Transportation/Public Messaging
·    Emergency Management
·    Branding

Digital Surroundings designs digital media solutions for every type of environment, including corporate, retail, education, hospitality and health care. Our team of certified experts provide the workflow, infrastructure, hardware and software support for the solution that best meets your unique needs, enabling you to share targeted content for both internal and external communications.

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