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Digital Surroundings

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Creating Value through Commercial Integration

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  • Digital Surroundings is a system design and integration company, with teams of experts that include engineers, project managers, and other construction and audiovisual industry professionals.  Working closely with architects, designers, facilities managers and both IT and construction professionals, Digital Surroundings designs, builds and installs world-class audiovisual, environmental, security and lighting environments for all forms of presentation, communication and collaboration.

    Chris Wakin is the founder and President of Digital Surroundings. He has over 25 years of experience in technology serving a wide range of industries and clients.  He has held executive positions with companies ranging from IBM to small startup technology companies. His expertise in applying technology to gain maximum value is a key focus of his role at Digital Surroundings.

    He has led the design and integration of unique technology solutions across a broad spectrum of projects. His passion for technology and in-depth knowledge of current and future trends are cornerstones of Digital Surroundings unique designs. This combined with an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction has guided Digital Surroundings to continuously exceed client’s expectations.